Our Part-Time player is ideal for our basketball player or anyone unably to commit to the full 9 week session or 2-hour session.

Sessions will be each Monday beginning December 11th and ending after the February 19th session.  Dates are as follows:  12/11th, 18th, 1/8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th & then Feb 5th, 12th and finally February 19th (11-1p during school holiday).  The block reserved is each Monday evening from 6 – 8pm (except Monday 2/19, 11a-1p).  This program is tactically based and therefore is team only…by invite only.

Hoop players can come in at the half way mark in the 5th week or for just the soccer field 1-hour part of the session (some may be able to come to those first couple of Monday’s).  The fee therefore would be $115 to prepare the young athlete to jump right in with their team preparing for the Spring Season.  These players must be paid and accounted for in advance with the other team members.  A full refund will be provided if the hoops schedule does not work.