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ProActive ‘18, Not Reactive
NEW TRAINING CONCEPTS! Once again Technical & Tactical Soccer’s Programs will continue to strive for excellence in the young athletes. During summer clinics we have built-in drills that promote strength and conditioning. This is an excellent program that takes the development of these athletes one step further. The program will have sessions during our busy week to introduce the strength and conditioning for different ages. As a parent, I personally suggest you plan on attending a couple evenings to learn more about the entire T&T program. The programs used throughout the week are designed to build good habits. It is your responsibility as a coach or parent to continue teaching these habits. Speed and agility are just two aspects of the T&T soccer package, these young athletes will learn sport specific drills, a strong competitive edge, physical and mental strength, conditioning, and flexibility!

Technical and Tactical Focus
The Technical & Tactical Soccer Program again will be the hottest youth soccer training school in the city. The program will provide an education for the beginning young athlete to the advanced college bound player. Also, the program will provide training concepts in all sessions.

The program has been structured through a unique philosophy which consists of observing the game of soccer at all levels of play. The program’s work-philosophy is then mixed with feedback from professional coaching and playing experience
(the feedback will be from both American and foreign learned instructors).

The program focuses on these outstanding techniques:

• Becoming comfortable in all situations throughout the match
(with & without the ball)
• Graduating the fundamentals into advanced training ideas
• Working on building strength, foot speed and agility without the ball.
• Defense, Defense & more Defense. This will be a strengthened focus this
summer. 1st and 2nd defenders.
• Shooting for accuracy.
• Confidence in attacking into the final third (one on one) with the dribble.
• Emphasis on tactical awareness with technical defensive skills
(there are too many game situations where a defender does not conceive
his/her role for the rest of the team).
• Recreational and Select athletes are welcome.

Keeper Programs
GOALKEEPERS – The Technical & Tactical program rivals no other with keeper training. It had been highly anticipated and T&T Soccer Programs provide keepers with skill work on the ball and the opportunity to test their skills in competitive matches. Each director will ensure the interaction with goalkeepers. This director promotes technique better than any you have seen. Naturally, each coach also brings in the T&T work philosophy, which guarantees each young athlete an education in playing the game between the sticks. Catching, Footwork, Positional Play, Crosses, Distribution, and a number of other techniques. The diverse background of our teaching and playing experience will be unmatched!

Program Details


August 6th – 9th, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Paxton Ramsey Park  (NEW LOCATION)
6265 Price Rd
Loveland, OH 45140

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